Request for Workshop Proposal


Abstract of no more than 250 words describing:

  • The issues the presentation will address
  • The content to be presented
  • The experience of the presenter with this issue
  • The learning modalities to be employed

Research Cited

All presentations should cite research or other relevant literature which supports the work to be presented. Please include this in addition to the above abstract.

Release Statement

As as part of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network’s (HCCN) Professional and Continuing Education conferences and other events, I hereby grant permission HCCN to make public, sell and otherwise use audio and video recordings and live web castings of my presentation and/or electronic and print copies of my presentation, slides, biography, CV, photograph and other content for the continuing education and professional development of present and future HCCN personnel, the larger chaplaincy community and the public. I understand that I retain the copyright to my content and materials, and that HCCN will not alter or revise my materials without my consent.

I/we understand that we are responsible for all our travel expenses including the conference fee registration for each presenter.