Monday April 23, 2018

Chaplain Led Family Meetings

Anson Pham, M.D.
Rev. Charles Blankenship, M.Div.

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Creating Connection

Linda S Golding, MA, BCC
Patricia Punzalan, MA, RN, NE-BC
New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York

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Developing a Taxonomy for Pediatric Chaplaincy The Advocate Health Care Model

Rev Paul Nash
Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Lead
Birmingham Women’s and Children’s hospital NHSFT, England
Director, Centre For Paediatric Spiritual Care

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Developing an Objective Religious and Spiritual Assessment Tool

Ahmend Aboabat, Ph.D.,
Rehabilitation Consultant,
King Fahad Medical City Spiritual Care Generalist-N/SW

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Our Veterans: Spiritual Issues at the End of life

Penny V. Phillips, MA, MDiv, BCC
Palo Alto VA Hospice & Palliative Care Center

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Ambiguous Loss
A Spiritual Assessment Tool 1.0

Prepared by Linda S. Golding MA, BCC
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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