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When the unthinkable happens . . .

Your gift enables us to provide spiritual and emotional comfort and support to patients and their families facing illness, pain, grief, death, and other big issues—whoever they are, whatever they believe, wherever they are.

People we’ve helped say:

“As an only child with one distant relative, I felt so alone caring for my mother suffering from Alzheimer’s that my days ended in tears and frustration. Just being able to talk about it with you—and knowing you are there--has helped enormously.”

“I cannot imagine where I would be today if I had not been able to tell you my story, just getting it out helped ease my emotional stress.”

“You helped me understand that I should trust my instincts and speak from my heart. It has allowed me to face my family honestly during this health crisis. Thank you for the work that you do.”

Here’s how your gift can help:

  • Provide spiritual and emotional counseling by phone or email for people who are in distress, lonely or with other concerns
  • Host phone support groups for the dying and for loved ones who are grieving
  • Connect people by phone or email with chaplains who offer healing prayers and meditations during a health crisis, before major surgery, or at other times
  • Provide continuing education to chaplains and other health care professionals to guide patients and their families through the big issues in life and at end-of-life, including our bi-annual Caring for the Human Spirit magazine
  • Support ongoing research related to spiritual care, such as its impact on a person’s overall wellness

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Your gift helps more people in spiritual distress to find comfort and meaning.

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