Meditative Spiritual Techniques

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Add to your chaplaincy tool box with HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM's informative and portable Meditative Spiritual Care Techniques brochure to use at the bedside.

As a spiritual care provider, whether a generalist or a specialist in this area, there are a number of spiritual techniques one can employ in working with patients with chronic and serious illness and their caregivers. By incorporating one or more of following techniques-meditative prayer, scriptural focused prayer, relaxation response and healing rituals, you can guide individuals with these easy-to-use techniques and help them create a sustained practice.

With this compact guide, you will help individuals find a sacred, calm space within. This can be used for people of all faith backgrounds or otherwise.

For $10, you will get immediate download access to the brochure. Once saved to your computer, you have unlimited printing access.

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