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Welcome to the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network’s Online Store

The Online Store is a one-stop resource center for educational content, publications, research and tools for chaplains and other professionals working in the fields of spiritual care, palliative care and healthcare. It is also a place to meet and exchange ideas and best practices with chaplains the world over. With one click you can connect with peers, register for an event or online course, watch a video, download a publication or access the latest spiritual tools and assessments.

Browse our wide selection of professional development products and educational supports below — many are complimentary, all are affordable.

Explore educational and clinical resources for today's spiritual care provider, including PlainViews, the monthly online professional journal.

Volunteer Training Resources

The Chaplain Connection is a comprehensive, online resource center to inform, support and enhance the practice of today’s chaplain. Based on HealthCare Chaplaincy Network’s extensive 50+ years of providing professional spiritual care, The Chaplain Connection enables chaplains, nationally and internationally, to access education, resources and self-care to advance his or her professional practice.

For $9 per month, chaplains will have access to a wide variety of membership benefits including the following:

Professional Continuing Education
Access to discounted professional continuing education with webinars, and other resources on topics relevant to chaplaincy.

Access to materials to repurpose for your institution, including “What is Spirituality” and other informative PowerPoints to use at your hospital, resources like the Chaplain Research Literacy Handbook and the PTSD manual, program ideas to implement at hospitals, various religious, spiritual and humanist prayers/reflections, and professional and consumer related health information.

Chaplaincy Research/Topics
Access to the latest in chaplaincy research, summary of research articles, write-ups on quality improvement projects, consumer-related news articles relevant to chaplaincy.

Peer Support Groups
Connect with chaplains across the country through an unmoderated platform. Group topics would be member-generated, but are initially based on clinical specialty, ethnic group, geographic region, or religion.

To access the Chaplain Connection and register, click here learn more