Telechaplaincy: On-Call Chaplaincy Services

Spiritual Support for All in Need

Chaplains in healthcare institutions provide valued spiritual care in person to patients, family caregivers and staff. Yet there is large group of people – outpatients, family caregivers, and others – who experience spiritual distress but have no chaplain available to turn to.

Telechaplaincy: On-Call Chaplaincy

Expand spiritual and emotional care to overnight inpatients, the growing outpatient population as well as stressed staff, with:

  • A unique phone number and email account for those in need to call for spiritual support
  • Staffed by board certified chaplains trained in providing spiritually supportive conversations by email, telephone, or video call
  • Research opportunities with a satisfaction survey to assess the effectiveness and value of this service

“I cannot thank you enough for responding so quickly to my request for a chaplain and sending that prayer, which I read several times prior to my procedure. Your service was such a help to my family and me. Thank you!”

To learn more, contact: Rev. Brian Hughes, BCC - 212.644.1111 ext. 261 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.