There is a growing recognition that health care encompasses the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Since 1986 HealthCare Chaplaincy Network has presented the annual Wholeness of Life award to deserving individuals in these categories: 

  • Community Honorees
  • Lifetime Achievement Honorees
  • Patient Care Honorees 

All three groups are honored at our annual gala in November. In addition, patient care awardees are also honored at ceremonies at their respective health care institutions. A patient care honoree is an individual (other than a chaplain) who:

  • Demonstrates respect for human beings as whole persons in the treatment of patients, their loved ones, and staff colleagues
  • Practices health care with an appreciation for the interrelated functioning of body, mind and spirit in illness and recovery or rehabilitation, and is concerned that these factors be known and addressed in treatment
  • Realizes and models the importance of promoting teamwork among various disciplines, believing that wholeness in professional relationships can help maximize wholeness in those under their care
  • Embodies a substantial degree of wholeness in striving for a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in their personal and professional life